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Both men and women value their scalp hair, it does not hurt in the same way when it falls out. Hair loss is particularly distressing in women since it is a source of attractiveness, and it is possible that hair is attributed with assisting women in achieving their goals.

Women Hair Transplant Process

To preserve the grafts and the recipient area, grafts are extracted with a minimal procedure. In most cases, a woman’s scalp is not shaved before a hair transplant.

The grafts are implanted into tiny incisions created in the donor area while paying attention to the existent hair’s angle and pattern.

A user is given after instructions. After 3 weeks, the transplanted hair will fall out, and new hair will develop after 4 months.

Women Hair Transplant Procedures Have Many Benefits

It is a long-term remedy for female hair loss.

The end product is both natural and attractive.

Treatment options can be utilised to improve the hair’s thickness and density.

It enhances a woman’s attractiveness, giving her more self-assurance.

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Hair transplantation surgery steps infographics. Patient before and after the procedure. Male hair loss treatment with FUT, FUE method. Alopecia medical design for clinics and diagnostic centers.
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